– Turn Twitter Into An Ad Network

TweetGlide.comIt is not exactly clear what the year 2010 will hold for Twitter, but whatever happens with the featured “paid” tweets model that we have heard a lot about lately, the fact remains that Twitter is not going away any time soon. The road to monetization might be an unsuccessful one or not, yet that won’t make more than 50 million users turn their backs on something overnight.

As such, new Twitter clients will keep on rolling on for a while yet. The demand is bound to be there, as it is here now – a fact that TweetGlide clearly exemplifies. This Twitter client will let you keep both your Twitter and Facebook accounts in check, and some advanced features are provided in order for you to track tweets and clicks. That is, those who are keener on commercial uses or promotional duties will be able to take care of that smoothly enough. Furthermore, TweetGlide makes for the placement of ads as part of the tweets themselves. These can be turned off by users if they wish, so that the network can remain free of content that some might deem as spammy.

Other functionalities that merit a mention include the ability to post “maxi” tweets – IE, tweets with far more characters than 140 (up to 1000, in fact). Still, the possibility to turn Twitter into something which can be comparable with an ad network is the obvious selling point of this new Twitter client. Both a free plan and a paid one are offered, and they differ in the number of ads that can be displayed – 5 for the free plan and 20 for the paid incarnation. In Their Own Words

“Desktop application for Twitter, Facebook – Soon iPhone, iPod.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an excellent way to approach Twitter and make it suit your own promotional needs without being intrusive.

Some Questions About

How much does the premium plan cost?