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TweetFunnel.comTweetFunnel is a new Twitter client making it possible to let multiple users participate simultaneously from a single Twitter account. What good is this for? Well, the one advantage this has is making it possible for different members of a team to collaborate efficiently.


That is, if you were to take care of a collaborative process over Twitter manually you would have to cut and paste everything so that tweets from multiple users would converge into the same profile. Tweet Funnel takes care of that process, and the tweets flow naturally into the same account.

Tweet Funnel, then, is something akin to a multi-functional Twitter client for improving group productivity. This solution has clearly been devised with corporate uses in mind. As a matter of fact, when signing up you are asked to furnish the name of your company. While there is no reason why a system like this one should be used outside of such circles, it is all to obvious that a tool for professional collaboration is what can eventually lead to a source of income for the developers. In Their Own Words

“Is your business or organization using a cumbersome process of cutting and pasting emails in order to flow tweets from multiple users into your Twitter profile(s)? Are you excited about being on the forefront of social media, but reluctant to relinquish control of your organization’s image? TweetFunnel will put you firmly in control of your organization’s Twitter use and help you to generate more consistent and varied content for your audience.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let team members collaborate more effortlessly, and more variegated original content for mass distribution be crafted dynamically enough.

Some Questions About

How many Twitter users are supported at the same time?


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