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TweetedTimes.comWhile it is too soon to say, some might take the increasing number of services for creating newspapers with nothing but tweets as a truly nefarious omen for the print industry.


There is a lot to ponder on, there is a lot to ruminate, there is a lot to argue… For the time being, I am focusing on reviewing this site. It is the newest alternative to that has become available, and it goes by the (foreboding?) name of The Tweeted Times.

If you know how works, you more or less know what to expect from The Tweeted Times. It is a service that can go through your Twitter account and generate a personalized newspaper with the information it finds there. This newspaper is updated by the hour, and you can actually instruct the application to focus on specific topics (IE, a sport or any celebrity that inspires you).

Just like, this is a free service. Sign in with your Twitter username and password when prompted for the newspaper to be assembled for you. In Their Own Words

Personal newspaper generated from your Twitter account.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is really interesting to see all the latest news contextualized like this.

Some Questions About

Will this ever supersede in popularity?


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