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Tweetbrite.comTweetbrite is the result of mashing up Twitter with Eventbrite. By using this new service you will be able to have a tweet automatically sent to your Twitter accounts (or accounts) whenever someone registers for an event that you are holding.


You simply sign up for an account and proceed to link both services for such data to begin being tweeted out when registrations have taken place.

And in addition to working in tandem with Eventbrite, Tweetbrite can be used in conjunction with Formstack. A provided tutorial will show you how to use webhooks so that Tweetbrite can know when someone has registered for your event in real time, instead of having that information retrieved every 10 minutes.

Of course, Tweetbrite is free to use from start to finish. This review has touched upon all the basic points of the service, so you know what to expect if you do decide to give it a try. But bear in mind that a blog is also available and it will guide you as minutely as you might need. In Their Own Words

“Simply put, this mashup will automatically tweet to your Twitter account(s) every time someone registers for your event.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let event organizers do their job with that little more panache.

Some Questions About

Will other services besides Eventbrite and Formstack be eventually supported as well?


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