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TweepFeed.comLink sharing on Twitter can get a little out of hand at times. The massive number of URLs being shared there means it is too easy to lose track of one or two links every now and then. Which is frustrating when it was links that had any kind of personal relevance, and even more frustrating when the links in question had some kind of career value. But an application like TweepFeed should put a definitive end to that.

In a nutshell, TweepFeed can take all the links any of your Twitter contacts has ever sent you and have them turned into a feed your RSS reader will be able to handle with complete naturalness. This means that no article or post you see on Twitter will ever slip through your fingers again – everything will be brought together in the same page, in chronological order.

And TweepFeed has got yet another advantage, namely that any page that you access like this is coming free from advertisements and pop-ups. So, not only are you ensuring access to all the links you have ever received, you are also accessing them in the cleanest and friendliest way of all. In Their Own Words

Get the articles a person shares on twitter into an RSS Feed.

Some Questions About

What about a similar service for Facebook? And what about one for LinkedIn? Or (better still) what about one that brings all the links being shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn together at the same time?

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