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TumblRSSApp.comAvailable for free, TumblRSS is a new tool that is primarily aimed at bloggers. To put it in crystal-clear words, it enables anybody to take a RSS feed and have it imported into Tumblr. Such a service is going to be resonate with those who keep both a “regular” blog and a Tumblr, as they’ll be able to have what they post on one imported directly into the other. So, those who have a Tumblr and who use it secondarily to their WordPress blogs will be able to have fresh content on both platforms, with a minimum of effort. Everything is going to be imported from one blog into the other, without them even having to do anything beyond some initial (and quite basic) setup.

TumblRSS actually works not only with WordPress but also with Movable Type, Blogger and practically every other blogging platform currently available.

In order to get started, you must sign to the service using your Tumblr account. Then, you’ll be given the chance to start adding the RSS feeds you want to have imported, one by one.

TumblRSSApp.com In Their Own Words

Import RSS Feeds into your Tumblr blog.

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Leaving bloggers aside, who else could find this web app useful? TumblRSSApp.com