– A Tool For Tracking Your Time

TrueTimeTracker.comAs its name implies, True Time Tracker is a time and project management application that you can download at no cost whatsoever. Using it, you are going to realize how you are currently spending your time and in which ways you could maximize it, both personally and professionally.

The way this woks is quite convenient, as you are not really asked to input data of any kind to begin with. You see, True Time Tracker launches when Windows boots up and starts collecting information such as which applications you have started, which websites you have visited and so on.

Reports are then generated using that information, and you will have an immediate understanding of how structured (or not) you are, and what an effect that is having on your productivity.

The operating systems that are supported include Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista/Seven. The application is also a lightweight one, and if you decide to download it (the link is prominently displayed on the main page) you will be able to procure it and get it to work in just a couple of minutes. In Their Own Words

“True Time Tracker is free time management software. With it you can learn how you spend your personal or working time. The program starts with Windows and gathers information on applications started, websites visited, various activities over time and consumed traffic. Basing on these data it creates detailed reports.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a nice, feature-rich time tracking application. And it is free from start to finish.

Some Questions About

Will other operating systems ever be supported?