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Treepoll.comThink of Treepoll as a platform that combines polls as we have always known and used them with Twitter and you will be half the way there to understanding what this new service is all about.


Treepoll lets you come up with polls that can be either replied to or commented in only 280 characters. Just as with Twitter, the idea here is to let people interact and say what they think without them going off tangents, and start reminiscing or ruminating about things that really add nothing to the conversation.

These micropolls can deal with mostly anything – discussing which was the least talented Spice Girl, voting the best beach in the world, singling out the best team at the recent Soccer World Cup in South Africa… if it is anything that you think others would feel partial to talk about and it is not an offensive topic, then you will be able to have it created and posted right away. Neither process comes at a cost. In Their Own Words

The first micropolling social network.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let people have focused and ordered discussions about mostly anything they could want.

Some Questions About

How many new micropolls are featured daily on the site? Is that number going up?


Author : Roger Hollings

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