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Trackingo.comIn a nutshell, this site offers a tracking system that you can employ in order to monitor just anything you want, over as long a period of time as you need. You can use this system to keep a close watch on your weight as time goes by, to monitor the grades of your son, to measure the income that you are receiving for your freelance work.

.. the possibilities are simply endless.

And the fact that using Trackingo costs nothing simply make the whole platform all the more likeable. Registration is free and anonymous, and if you don’t feel like creating an account of its very own then you can use your Facebook credentials to gain access to the application. In any case, Trackingo works exactly alike: you input the data that is meant to be tracked, and you will have its evolution over any period of time studied and analyzed. And Trackingo can also arrive at conclusions for you; it can calculate the minimum and maximum value at any given moment, and it can also detect and analyze tendencies. In Their Own Words

“Know thyself getting graphs, calendars and stats.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it incredibly easy to track just anything that you need to track, over as long a period of time as you want, and absolutely at no cost.

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