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ToutApp.comThe creation of email templates is just about to become a lot easier and faster. Tout is an application that makes not only for “templatizing” messages (Oxford, are you listening?), but also for tracking them once they have been sent out, and measuring whether they are having the intended effect or not. It is all made possible by getting a bookmarklet that takes care of the monotonous and repetitive bits of writing emails for you, and then of tracking how well-received they truly are.

Plus, users of Tout can schedule the delivery of emails. They can write them when they have the time well in advance, and (what’s actually every bit as important) have them sent at the time people are likelier to react to them more positively. And Tout can measure that in the best possible way – integration with Highrise, Batchbook and CapsuleCRM makes for accurately recording the times e-mails have been opened and clicked through.

Tout is a paid service, with four different plans covering the needs of everybody from emerging bloggers to teams of considerable extension. And there is also a free-for-life plan that is letting you send up to seven emails per day, with limited options and features. In Their Own Words

Tired of re-writing the same emails? Use Tout to spread your message faster.

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