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TouristWay.comTouristWay is a brand-new web application that can be used by tour operators in order to sell their products and reach their end consumers in a smooth setting. The whole foundation of the whole system is that of bringing a simple platform in which the user (the operator) can get the work done in three simple steps: uploading, publishing and selling.


For its part, the consumer has a less linear experience since he can access side information that is instrumental when it comes to making up his mind such as reviews.

This solution lends itself particularly well to small operators owing to the range of features on offer. These include not only customizable graphics for putting themselves across distinctly, but also a specialized pricing engine with conditional discounts. Multiple product types are obviously supported, whereas developers who want to take the application one step further will be able to do so by way of the flexible API which is provided.

Finally, it is interesting to note that a downloadable version of TouristWay can be procured as well. Check the prices for both the hosted and downloadable versions by clicking on the link which is provided below, and see which one could suit your needs best. In Their Own Words

“Time for old-style booking is over. TouristWay 5 has hit the road.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a smooth platform that will accommodate the needs of those it is aimed at minutely, while consumers will benefit from such a dynamic platform.

Some Questions About

In which senses are foreign operators accounted for. For example, which languages are supported?


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