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Tlx.MemeMapper.comWhat is your take on Twitter lists? Do you use them yourself? Do you think that they could be more flexible? Are they half as useful as they should be? Well, these are questions that came racing to my mind as I was testing this application out. It goes by the self-explanatory name of “Twitter List Explorer” (Tlx) and it can be freely used by any person who wants to analyze the conversations happening in connection with any Twitter list.


The dynamics of the site are as follows. You simply key in the name of a Twitter list in order to have it explored and presented as a series of interconnected nodes which represent users who have exchanged messages, and the conversations in full can be explored by clicking the actual connections between nodes.

This display can be fine-tuned manually, and you can hide names as well as freezing the network to take a closer look at any specific part of the dialogue.

The site might not be spectacular in terms of design (it is quite pedestrian, actually), but it does what it is supposed to do and it does it right. And in any case, the service it renders is specific by definition. I can’t frankly think of a way in which it could captivate people who are not that technically-minded to begin with. In Their Own Words

“A tool to visualize and explore Twitter Lists.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are not that many tools that let you do the same thing, and that works in its advantage in the end.

Some Questions About

What can you do with such information? What is its most immediate usage?


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