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Tli.tlTli.ti is a new URL shortening service that is very easy to use, and that offers an interesting range of features such as being able to shorten several links at the same time as well as full monetization capabilities.


The latter is something very interesting in itself, and the way it is implemented is even better since you implement a series of redirection pages that will have your own ads. Whether those who click on the links will be that thrilled to be redirected to another page before arriving to the place they wanted to go to begin with is another matter, of course.

Other than that, you can protect your links with passwords and also add content such as photos or videos in order to show what the destination site looks like. That will be specially useful when you are referring the user indirectly (IE, leading to a page with an ad first). As a matter of fact, it is even possible to add a short video. And the means for tweeting links through the site are likewise provided, so that sharing the links that you create and making them reach a wider public is made even easier. In Their Own Words

“Short links and earn.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The monetization features are quite interesting, and the fact you can put them in practice so easily simply adds to the site’s appeal.

Some Questions About

Are there other URL shorteners that let you monetize the resulting links?


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