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Tjeklist.comBeing diligent is a virtue. Not everybody is born with that in his genes, and that is something that can’t be changed. But what can be done is to get a web tool like Tjeklist, and use that instead in order to become a more organized worker. Tjeklist is a free application that everybody can use to arrange all his tasks and to-dos into a clear list showing him what lies in front of him for the next day, the next week and even the whole next month.

Items of just every nature can be added to the lists that you can create using Tjeklist, and the whole process is intuitive from start to finish. New items are created in one click, and their priority can be determined by dragging them into the relevant spaces. A supple search interface will let you find everything afterwards, and find it right when you need it.

And it must be mentioned that Tjeklist is suitable not only for to-dos and tasks but also for resolutions and these kind of goals that have a highly-personal value to themselves. In Their Own Words

For your tasks, todos, projects, lists, and all the things you need to remember

Some Questions About

What makes it better than the many tools which are already available that can play a similar role? Is being free enough for Tjeklist to rise above all these competitors?