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Tiplist.comTipList is a service for sharing recommendations about any place that you’ve visited and loved, and also for reading the recommendations left by people who have been to any place that you’re thinking of visiting shortly. This new service works with Foursquare, and you can have all of your check-ins imported in order to comment on these sights that you have seen, all the venues you have visited and (generally) all the things you have done while you were somewhere. All of the tips that you supply are both categorized and ranked. Categories include “Sights”, “Eating”, “Drinking” and “Shopping”. And tips are ranked in any of three categories: “Miss”, “Do” and “Must Do”.

And if you don’t use Foursquare, then that’s not a problem. You can build your list of tips manually, by picking all the spots one by one and saying what you feel like saying about them. And in any case, you can always choose a cover from the pictures you took when you were there, and that you’ve uploaded to Instagram.

Once you’re done, then you can share what you’ve created with all of your friends by posting it on Facebook and Twitter. And people who come to the site will see your tips when they do a search. If they like what you’ve created, then they’ll be able to begin following your tips from then on.

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