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TimeToNote.comTimetonote can be described as a collaboration tool that gives users the possibility of being in control of their interactions with customers or suppliers. This solution is based on the idea that keeping track of any contact’s information and related tasks is the ABC for businesses.


This is a good way for many small and medium size companies as well as independent professionals to control their interactions and tasks uncomplicatedly because the system keeps the latest contacts’ information totally safe and usable

There is no doubt to me that one of the best parts of this service is the fact that it is totally free. Therefore, you can improve the way you work without having to pay anything for that. Consequently, in case you get an important phone call from a new customer with data you need to remember, the system will make it simple for you to log this call as well as to add this person’s contact information right away. This is a good way to be organized in order to set everything in track.

In conclusion, this is an attractive service that will be helpful for people that want to optimize the way they contact potential customers and providers. In Their Own Words

“A person’s history on one page: Each person or company in your address book has a page in Timetonote. You, and everyone in your team, can add new notes or review previous notes about this contact or add tasks about this contact. You might enter notes about conversations, calls, meetings or anything important that should be part of this contact’s history.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If saving time and maximizing the way you track your customers is what you are looking for, this site is worth visiting for sure.

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Are premium services available?


Author : Paul Barker

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