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Timehop.comTimehop is a service that will help you make your New Year resolutions in half the time it would took you otherwise. This service will go back one full year for you, and bring to mind all the things that have taken place in that time. First and foremost, Timehop works with Facebook. You’re asked to log in with your Facebook username and password, and just by submitting that information once you’ll start receiving a daily email reminding you about the things that had happened to you a year to this date.


And there’s more to Timehop that just going through your Facebook account in order to look for past news. Timehop can actually fetch all your past tweets and have them delivered in a slick email.

What? Need even more? OK, you’ve got it. Timehop can also go through your past Foursquare check-ins and all the images you’ve uploaded to Instagram, and have it all sent to your inbox. There, if all that information and data fails to bring back all you’ve done over the course of the last year then I don’t know what will. A time machine, maybe? In Their Own Words

What did you do 1 year ago today?

Some Questions About

What if you want to go further back than one year? Can that be arranged? Or will you have to go for a different app?


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