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TimeAndTracking.comWhether you hold an important position at a large company or if you work as a freelancer, you can count on Timeandtracking.com to track the time spent on your projects. This service lets you keep track of all your tasks, and monitor the time it takes to perform them. In this way, you (and all the members of your team) will never have to worry about filling time charts again. This software will do it for you. And as a result, you will all be able to focus on your work with less distractions.

The advantages of a software like Timeandtracking.com are that you will know accurately, objectively and automatically the time it took to perform each task in any project. Relying on your own memory (or your team members’ memory) has the risk of the real time worked not being registered. Not because someone wants to lie about what he is doing, but simply because humans can’t remember everything perfectly all the time, except maybe on some science fiction story.

Being able to have this information will allow you to charge the right prices to your clients, and eliminate the risk of charging in excess or undercharging. Both are situations to avoid, because charging more than what you really should will make your clients lose trust in you. On the other hand, undercharging will make you earn less money than what you really deserve for your hard work.

The software is for free until march 30th, 2012. After this date, you will be charged some fees which are yet to be announced.

TimeAndTracking.com In Their Own Words

Our solutions are available internationally. Having thousands of users worldwide helped us to create a tool that corresponds with the market’s demand. Flexible design of application’s engine allows us to quickly adjust our software to individual customer’s requirements.

Some Questions About TimeAndTracking.com

When will the version for Mac OS that they announce on the site be ready? TimeAndTracking.com