TicTacDo.com – Get Things Done The Social Way

TicTacDo.comTic Tac Do stands as a brand-new productivity tool. It favors a social approach to the arrangement and execution of tasks. Those who use the site will be able to create checklists that are then shared with whomever they want. That people will then offer their own insight on the task at hand, and the person who created the checklist can actually outsource activities in a mere couple of clicks.

A system like Tic Tac Do is suitable for just anything. While the arranging of events such as parties obviously top the list (if only because such events are social by definition), there is no reason why Tic Tac Do would not be applied to daily activities. Far from it – a service like Tic Tac Do can be used in these cases as a way to gain motivation and build the momentum up.

As it stands right now, Tic Tac Do offers over 10,000 ready-to-use lists that you can buy and use right away. All fields are already covered – family life, business, entertainment, education, health, hobbies… You are sure to get what you need, or something incredibly close in the worst scenario.

Why TicTacDo.com It Might Be A Killer

It is great if only because any task that is approached collectively does never lose relevance, and it is effectively carried to completion.

Some Questions About TicTacDo.com

How will this service be marketed? TicTacDo.com