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TheWillCreator.comI must admit that this site is quite original. True to its name, it will let you create a legal will as satisfactorily as if you were being personally assisted by a lawyer.


You will be able to take care of specifying your funeral instructions, determining who will inherit your property and who is going to be the legal guardian for your children… These are just some examples that are quite representative of the scope of this new service

The process in which a will is created is also something quite remarkable, as you will be able to have your will generated merely by filling out a questionnaire. When that has been taken care of, the will is going to be assembled and presented back to you so that you can proceed to print it. Then, it will be a mere matter of having it signed.

Of course, The Will Creator is a paid service. But it is cheaper than going to an actual lawyer. And what you are buying on this site is in fact a will package that includes a medical power of attorney along with a living will. In Their Own Words

“Make a will online.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a coast-effective way of dealing with something that is expensive by its mere nature.

Some Questions About

In which senses are these wills limited when compared to the ones that can be created in person by legal professionals?


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