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TheStockSonar.comThis site will be your savior if you are new to the whole stock market scene and you are just about to throw in the towel. Hold on a little longer.


The Stock Sonar will let you begin making sound investments and decisions by analyzing the financial and social media sentiment for your portfolio, and having it quantified for you. The information can be automatically filtered, and you will be able to have positive and negative sentiments compared side by side.

Also, each analysis that you carry through the site can actually compare stock trends among as many companies as you want, and the data is always presented as part of interactive charts that leave just no room for misunderstandings. These charts come with full drill-down capabilities, and you will be able to narrow everything as much as you need.

Besides, The Stock Sonar can analyze corporate events and weigh up both the direct and indirect impact they can have on the company. And alerts associated both to events and media sentiments can be prearranged whenever any specific variables come to be. In Their Own Words

“The Stock Sonar is continuously scanning the traditional and social media for you, bringing timely insights to your attention so you can see the earliest ripples before the wave hits. The Stock Sonar – helping you make fast, informed investment decisions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The data is presented so clearly that even people who are new to the way the market operates will be able to make good sense of it.

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