– A Tool For Physiotherapists

TheRehabLab.comA web-based tool that is geared towards physiotherapists, The Rehab Lab will empower them to come up with rehabilitation programmes which are visually attractive, and that are customizable enough so as to meet the demands of each individual client. The therapist is capable of not just choosing exercises from a provided list, but also customizing them.

And once a programme is ready, it can easily be printed or shared via email with the client. It can likewise be attached to medical documentation of any kind.

The physiotherapist is provided with the option of saving his favorite exercises, and then adding them to any progamme. In this way, he can create his very own database of exercises and handle them as time-efficiently as necessary.

As it was mentioned in the first paragraph, this is a browser-based tool. You can access it anywhere a web-enabled computer is available, so that if you need to make some quick changes to any programme when you are away from home and you are in a hurry you will be able to do it, and amend all that has to be edited. In Their Own Words

“The Rehab Lab is an easy-to-use online tool designed for physiotherapists, by physiotherapists, which enables the therapist to create visually stunning, professionally designed rehabilitation programmes customised to the individual needs of their clients. The therapist can select and customise exercises, information sheets and pre-set rehabilitation programmes from an extensive and continuously updated database.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let any physiotherapist save a sizable amount of time and get his wok done as well as ever.

Some Questions About

Are there other tools like this one, or is this the first of its kind?