– Handle Prayer Requests Smoothly

ThePrayerEngine.comThis is a site that will greatly appeal to Ministries, and you can tell by glancing at its title alone. In essence, we can define it as a tool that acts as a prayer wall and a moderation system at the very same time.

Using it, people can request a prayer both by filling a form on the site or through the provided mobile app. These are then subjected to moderation and eventually published on the prayer wall and the social sites that are related.

A system like this one is certainly advantageous for Ministries, since it turns the prayer chains of old into something more dynamic, and into something that will certainly lead to a better communication with believers that otherwise might not get in touch.

Moreover, users are provided with a notification functionality that will let them know when the prayer they requested has been acted upon.

Ultimately, this site comes at a time in which the Pope has advised men of God to blog and engage the faithful in new ways and contexts. This site definitely plays that role and in a cost-effective way at that. In Their Own Words

“The best way to share prayer requests online.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a significant step towards bringing faith and technology closer still.

Some Questions About

In which further ways can technology help religion?