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TheGeekToolbox.comThe name of this resource says it all, really. The site is a true repository of tools that are bound to make any geek’s day.


In actuality, there are tools in there that will come in handy for just anybody, and not only for those who have a poster of Neo up their walls with the banner “The Matrix is the World that has been put in front of your eyes to blind you from the Truth”.

As the site stands right now, five tools are provided. These include an app for determining your IP address, a tool for resizing any image and a proportions calculator. The other final 2 tools are a MD5 encoder and a clock that will give you the actual UTC Time (IE, the coordinated universal time), and compare it side to side with your local time.

All of these tools are provided for free, and in each and every case we are talking about webware – there is no need to download anything and send files flying across every corner of your hard drive. If any of the tools that were just mentioned sounded like something you could use anytime, just bookmark the site or make a mental note. After all, the name is quite memorable in itself. In Their Own Words

“Tools for the survival of a geek.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The tools that are provided will pull you out of more than one difficulty, and that’s a fact.

Some Questions About

Will more tools be eventually added?


Author : Roger Hollings

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