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TextFlip.netIf you are looking into ways of having a stronger password, you might like to check this site out. It offers something that can be used to break the predictability that is associated with a password that is handpicked since it flips any word upside down.


That is, the possibilities of someone guessing it are more than halved.

In addition to letting you flip your text in order to conjure a stronger password, you can employ this system to encrypt any download link of yours and prevent lechers from having access to files that are only incumbent to you and your acquaintances.

And it goes without saying that if you are a bit offbeat you can use this system in order to have a bizarre IM name or social networking alias to go by. It also goes without saying that TextFlip is a free service from start to finish – if you are curious, simply head to the website and throw a word or two at it. In Their Own Words

“Flip your text!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is quite a direct way to have a stronger password to go around.

Some Questions About

What other uses has this got?


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