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TeamWorkLive.comTeamWorkLive is a project management tool that resides in the browser, and which can be launched from anywhere an Internet connection is available. It has all the features that you can see in similar applications – you can communicate with your team, assign tasks and see if everything is running smoothly or if the planned schedule is about to fall by the wayside.

And the fact that data can be imported from Basecamp simply makes coordinating everything an even easier task.

A further touch of professionalism is provided by the fact that you can brand your site with your own logo, and also modify the colors that are used so that everything matches your company’s spirit.

There are currently five plans that you can go for, and one of these is the free plan for trial purposes that every application comes with nowadays. This free plan will only let you manage one project, and the ability to assign tasks is somehow limited. Yet, it paints a decent picture of the full application and the way everything works once a project has been launched. In Their Own Words

“TeamWork Live is an intuitive, secure, web-based project management and collaboration tool. Use TeamWork Live to run your projects more efficiently, increase collaboration and accountability among team members, and make your clients happier through greater transparency.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It effectively makes for coordinating workforces no matter how distributed they might turn out to be.

Some Questions About

What is the most suitable plan for a medium-sized company?

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