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Taskums.comIf you think about it, Taskums is really ingenious. It is an application that will let you assign tasks to any person who works with you via email.


That is, you send an email to your subordinate telling him what he has to do, he receives the assignment in that way, and once he has completed it he simply updates the task by clicking on a button.

Using Taskums it is also very easy to create hierarchies and prioritize some tasks over others. Also, it is very easy to reuse any communication that you have previously sent out since templates can be saved and used extensively. And the whole application is even easier to use if you bear in mind that your contacts can be imported from Gmail, LinkedIn and related websites.

There are four paid plans that you can choose from: “Independent”, “Team”, “Group” and “Unlimited”. The main difference resides in the number of projects that you can have. Leaving aside the “Independent” plan, they all come with support for an unlimited number of users. And all accounts come with a free 30-day trial, too. In Their Own Words

“Email based project management software.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is quite a clever way to assign tasks and learn when they have been carried to completion.

Some Questions About

What is the best plan for a mid-sized company?


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