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TargetMap.comTarget Map is a free mapping tool that works entirely on the browser. It will let you create and share all the maps you want both with people who enjoy processing data in such a way, and also with those who have to research anything as part of the courses or classes that they are taking. In both cases, people will be able to look up the maps that you have created based on the criterion that suits them best: the theme, the country, the actual title of the map…


And note that people is also enabled to look maps up by author. This means that if they like the maps that you create (or if someone recommends your work to them) they will be able to find you directly.

When it comes to the actual way in which maps are created, now, the provided interface will let you use as many colors as you want, and also employ as many type values as you might need. And a nice touch is that you can upload any Excel file that you have created. This will be all the more useful when we are talking about extensive sets of data that would be too laborious to be added manually. In Their Own Words

Create & share customized data maps on Googlemaps.

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is information that can only be conveyed by having a map displayed – words alone could never do. This website simplifies the creation of maps infinitely.

Some Questions About

Can maps be posted straight to Facebook?


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