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TalkChalk.comThere’s a real need for social networking services that are aimed at teachers, students and their parents. Some have already surfaced (see and Diipo, for example), and they’re really good in themselves. But we need more. And thankfully, that’s what we’re getting. TalkChalk is the latest social service that brings students and their parents in online contact with educators.


To all intents and purposes, what TalkChalk does is to extend a classroom well beyond the four walls where the learning experience takes place. On this site, students can work and collaborate among themselves as if they were at school. The teacher keeps an eye on all that they’re doing, and he is there to answer their questions. He is also there to make sure all the students are behaving well. And something as worrisome as cyberbullying is kept from happening since students can report abusive behaviour to their teachers.

And parents are aware of all this. They can see what’s happening on such a virtual classroom at all times, and the children can speak to them in the same way that they can speak to their teachers.

So, everybody is kept on the same page. Children can turn to their teachers at all times. And by letting parents help teachers in their difficult jobs, a service like TalkChalk can but make our educational system work more quickly, and (in the end) more successfully. In Their Own Words

Where the classroom lives beyond the bell.

Some Questions About

Do all parents have the same privileges? Can they all see what’s going on, and become involved in activities to the same extent?


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