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TakeToCollege.comGoing to College is one of the most exciting moments in the life of any young person, and so much excitement can but make even the most diligent among us forget to pack some things before setting off. That can be more or less of a problem according to what one exactly forgets to pack – it is one thing to forget packing your toothbrush, it is another very different to forget to take your passport with you. Both situations can be solved, of course. But it would be preferable to avoid running into them altogether. That is what a site like s here for. is nothing more and nothing less than an online checklist that will let you ensure you are taking all the items that you should take with you when going to College. This list is actually split into lots and lots of different sections (documents, school supplies, room items, health, etc), and all of these sections are actually open ones. You will be able to add any item that is not included there by default. So, this is a service that scores 10 out 10 as far as usability goes. In Their Own Words

College packing list.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It should let any student avoid forgetting vital items when setting off for College for the first time, and running into unnecessary complications.

Some Questions About

Can these lists be printed/shared?

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