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Symphony-CMS.comContent management systems are as popular as ever, and I think I have noticed a tendency for them to become gradually easier to the public at large. And while Symphony is not necessarily the simplest one I have set my eyes on, I can honestly tell you that if such a system had been released just a couple of months back it would have been even harder to get to grips with.


In this particular case, Symphony is powered by XSLT and it is an open source release – those who are knowledgeable and kind enough can contribute to the project as much as they wish in order to make this content system even more approachable. The actual features it has include the ones that by now are prototypical of systems like it, such as being able to modify data structure and URL schemas, while also being able to control each and every single bit of markup.

If you couple the fact this CMS is not only open source but that both an API and a set of extensions are available for anybody to unleash, it is clear that Symphony aims to become the application of choice for content managers everywhere. Time will tell if it achieves such a feat. Actually, you are the one who will tell – simply download it through the site and give it a good try. In Their Own Words

“XSLT-powered open source content management system.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It offers a good set of functionalities, and so much emphasis on it being a true community project can but make it gain projection.

Some Questions About

Will it always remain free?


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