– Managing Projects In A Smooth Way

SVETsoft.comThere are enough project management solutions that it would be understandable if someone said that he has had it. Worse still, there are enough project management solution released each week that add nothing to the scene as a whole that when a new one crops up many can but think “Here we go again…”.

While SVETsoft is not a bad application, it certainly hasn’t got any feature that could make us focus our attention on it for anything other than a short while. It has all the features you would expect to see, such as the ability to coordinate the efforts of distributed workforce, whereas the manager can track the overall usage of time.

In addition to that, there is a fair share of functionalities like a forum for interactions among team members, and the one who administers tasks can use templates in order to streamline it all.

This system is browser-based, and two plans are available for you to choose from. Surprisingly enough, a free plan is not featured, although free one-month trials are provided in both cases. In Their Own Words

“Web based project management system.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is a good range of options on offer, and even when not a single one is revolutionary they are all quite useful.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t a free plan be included?