– Having Malware Detected & Removed

Sucuri.netSucuri is a monitoring service that you can use to ensure your site is always safe from malware and related threats. This monitoring process takes place 24/7, and if a preliminary analysis shows that your site has already been compromised then that is no reason to worry, as Sucury can clean the mess for you. That is, the company does much more than just analyze sites for potential threats – it can actually remove the ones that it has found.

Four different plans are currently available, and everything from single websites to full networks can be scanned. And the site offers a limited number of free scans for you to understand the way everything works even more clearly.

In the end, having your site hacked, blacklisted or infected with malware is not really an uncommon occurrence. Statistics dictate it will happen at one point or the other. A service like Sucuri, now, will turn the prevention and elimination of hazards into an effortless proposition, so that you have no reasons to worry overmuch. In Their Own Words

Sucuri Security is the leading provider of web-based integrity monitoring and malware detection solutions – delivered as a service. Sucuri solutions are deployed remotely in a matter of minutes anywhere in the world, allowing our customers to immediately detect and remove web-based malware and monitor their internet presence.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the kind of service that every webmaster must always keep close at hand – it is the only thing standing between the integrity of his site and the endless hazards found on the Internet.

Some Questions About

Which threats are more prevalent? How quickly can they be obliterated?