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Streamie.orgStreamie is a new Twitter client that has a lot going for it. It works entirely on the browser, it is really intuitive (and it can be configured to make it become all the more familiar) it can translate tweets as they come along (nothing short of essential when conversations begin spreading sideways – an occurrence that is becoming more and more common on Twitter)… And that is not mentioning that all the things one would expect a Twitter client to do (IE, tweet, retweet, send direct messages) are all done as instantly as they should be done.

If you want to try Streamie out, then you can do so right now – there is no need to register for the service or anything like that. Your Twitter username and password will do the trick.

And Streamie is an open source application, with all the infrastructure being handled by the team who has created it. This means that what is an exciting application already will most likely become even better the moment someone who has the time and the skill sets his sights on it. In Their Own Words

Streamie is a full realtime Twitter client that runs in your web browser.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a Twitter client that is very easy to get to grips with, it runs on the browser and it is free.

Some Questions About

Which browsers are not supported yet, and will be supported before too long?