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Storkwill.comIf you’ve become a parent, you should take the time to write a will as soon as you can. As dreadful as thinking about such things is, there’s no denying that it’d be even more dreadful leaving your loved ones completely uncovered if something bad happened to you. And Storkwill is one of the many companies that could help you create a will, in a way that’s 100% legal.

Storkwill lets you do everything online. You can have a will created in about 15 minutes, using an interface that turns taking complex decisions into something really simple. And then, if you change your mind about anything that you had included on your will, you can have it modified just as quickly. It’s only when you are 100% satisfied with the finished result that you’ll have your will printed.

Creating a will on this site will cost you $59. This fee lets both you and your wife create your own wills.

And now that we’re talking about online succession services, you might as well be interested in checking any of the many online memorial builders such as and In Their Own Words

Every parent needs a Will, create yours today with Storkwill.

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Are there other services for creating wills aimed solely at parents? Or is this the first of its kind?