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StartRaising.comThis is very clever, now. StartRaising is a brand-new way to have bills paid. What this site lets people do is to enlist the help of all their friends in order to have bills and expenses of just any kind paid collectively.


The way the site works, users create fundraising campaigns to which they can invite all their friends and the rest of their families. A set number of people are nominated within each group, and then others can say which one they would choose to assist if they had to help him pay his bills. The person who amasses the more votes is the one who will get the group fund that is created when the group itself is assembled.

As I mentioned at the beginning, bills of just any kind can be paid like this: monthly bills, utilities, credit cards, student loans, small business loans, insurances, mortgages… no actual distinction is made. As long as it is money that is legally owed, the site is here to help people see that is settled with a little help from their friends. In Their Own Words

Get friends to cover a credit card or monthly bill by voting on it!

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site offers a more than interesting spin on how debts are paid – instead of asking people one by one for a contribution, people decide who deserves that more at once.

Some Questions About

How will this be marketed in order to achieve recognition and sustainability?


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