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Startino.comStartino is a nice and compact to-do list manager that you can use in order to put all your pending tasks in perspective, and have them dealt with when the time comes.

Basically, Startino works by displaying everything on a homepage that also has a Google search box. That is, the first thing that will greet you when you open your web browser will be this list of pending tasks side by side with a Google box for searching the WWW as usual.

Tasks are added in an easy way, and they can be categorized for further reference. Projects can actually be created, and tasks can be assigned to each one of these. And they can also be sorted by parameters such as name and place.

Besides, tasks can be assigned to multiple categories at once. These tasks can be visualized more prominently than the rest by using a toggle button that will display all the tasks which are in more than one category.

Startino is a free application. You can sign up for your own account just by supplying your email address and picking a password. In Their Own Words

Free online to-do list.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an inexpensive tool that does what it is meant to do quickly and efficiently.

Some Questions About

How many projects can you simultaneously have?