– Translating The Tweets Of Stars

StarsFeed.comMany people sign up for Twitter for the mere fact that they know these stars they adore are there. The chance of being able to communicate one-to-one with that celebrity they admire is just too good to miss.

And they do so regardless of their mastery of English. All that they want is to be somehow closer to the singer or athlete that inspires them to do their best. Many times, they are missing on what that person is really saying because their understanding of English is limited.

Stars Feed hopes to do something about that. In a nutshell, it is a service that can take care of translating the tweets of celebrities using Google’s Translate API. In practice this means that tweets can be translated into more than 50 different languages already.

And as it was to be expected, the site features a directory of celebrities for you to take a good look at. Who knows, maybe you joined Twitter because of Ashton Kutcher, but you never realized that Vin Diesel also had a Twitter account. Well, the directory that is featured on this site will let you find that out at once. In Their Own Words

“ brings the world’s top celebrities to you, in your own language!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A lot of people are on Twitter because they want to be closer to the stars they love. This service has a ready audience.

Some Questions About

Which other technology is employed besides Google’s Translate API?