– Track The Time You Sit Down

StandingClock.comThis infograph alone is enough to give any office worker a good reason to worry about his wellbeing. In case you are too lazy to click on the link, it basically shows you the effects that sitting down has on your body, hour by hour. When looking at that infograph, you quickly realize why people who have sitting jobs have twice the rate of cardiovascular diseases as people with standing jobs. But what can be done about it? How can you reduce sitting time when sitting is the one position in which you have to work?

Well, the first thing to do is to determine exactly how much time you spend sitting on any given day. And that is something this new web service makes a piece of cake. As its name suggest, lets you measure the time you are sitting down and standing up when working. This is done in a really easy way, as all you have to do in order to time yourself is to hit a button when you go from sitting down to a standing position, and then back again.

With these results in full sight, it shouldn’t be that hard to start working on some strategies for maximizing what spare time you have and do something for the betterment of your health. In general, it can be said that you must make an effort to stand up and walk for a couple of minutes every two hours. That should be a great start. In Their Own Words

There are 40 hours in a typical work week. Standing Clock lets you track how many of those hours you don’t spend sitting in an office chair… because your office chair is killing you.

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