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Sprawk.comPresented by a Stockholm-based company, Sprawk is a platform making for the easy creation and administration of multilingual websites. In a very general way, we could say that what this site does is to take management systems (a la Drupal) and combine them both with Google Translate and the work of human translators that guarantee the accuracy and naturalness of what is being translated.


Sprawk was created based on a simple observation: it would be far more efficient for any organization not to have a single linguistic repository for each version of its own site.

Services such as this one will guide any webmaster when it comes to presenting his content to a foreign audience, and will guide him satisfactorily at that because he won’t have to radically change the way his site works or is structured. Over twenty languages are already supported.

And Sprawk can also be used in order to create unified databases that can be shared among the different members of a team, and communicate both among themselves and with customers more smoothly. In Their Own Words

“The sprawk website is an ideal portal to solve any organization’s linguistic problems.

Sprawk has been built by Transmachina, a small consulting company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We help organizations build multilingual websites, databases and information collection portals such as online questionnaires.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Webmasters who want to reach out to the masses as widely as possible will find it naturally appealing – it is as effective as it is economic.

Some Questions About

Which other practical applications has this got?


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