SplashThat.com – Promote Your Event

SplashThat.comCreating an event and promoting it on social services should be simple, something that’s done in a couple of minutes at most. And that’s what happens when you’re using a service like Splash. This new tool enables you to create a page for any event that you’re hosting, using a slick management system (One Clipboard) that lets you pick a place, set a date and invite guests in a couple of clicks. And then, track all of your RSVPs and VIPs in real time.

Integration with One Clipboard also means that you can take care of aspects like generating a budget, creating one-sheets and overall brainstorming.

Once the page has been created, then you can make it come to life by connecting Splash to the host’s Twitter feed, and have all the conversations that are connected with your event featured on your page. And these conversations will keep on being imported for as long as people talk about your event.

And once the event’s over, then you’ll be able to post all the photos which were taken that day right on your Splash page. The people who were there will be able to comment on them, and also to share the best images with their friends.

SplashThat.com In Their Own Words

Create a beautiful event splash page in minutes, for free. Powered by the most powerful event management system in the world – One Clipboard.

Some Questions About SplashThat.com

What about paid events? Will you ever be able to arrange them using a platform like Splash? SplashThat.com