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Spaaze.comThey say that an image paints a thousand words. If that is indeed the case, organizing every single thing that is found on the web visually should be the best way to go about, don’t you think? In case you think that is so, or in case you are not sure and you want to arrive at your own conclusions, a visit to the Spazee website is in order.


The site works as an (unlimited) space where you can situate just anything you come across such as YouTube videos and your favorite sites along with assorted links.

Creating an account can be done in several ways – you can do so by using your Yahoo! Credentials, or you can sign in using your OpenID. Once you are inside, you will receive a basic amount of Spaaze Points that you can use to start playing around with the website.

Ultimately, it is just as they say on the site: different people like to arrange things in ways of their very own. It goes beyond mere aesthetic reasons – brains work differently, and what lets one apprehend data easily fails to work out for others. This site might work for you or not. Since it can be tried out for free during the provided beta phase, now it would be a good time to find it out. In Their Own Words

“Spaaze is an information management web application which tries to do things a little bit different. While most other application try to bring structure to your data, Spaaze is more like real life. Everybody likes to sort things differently, has different aesthetic demands. Spaaze doesn’t force your thoughts into a specific structure, but let you decide how to arrange and group them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are not satisfied with the current tools for managing your favorite web content, this will work well for a change.

Some Questions About

When is the current beta period ending? What changes are forthcoming?


Author : Roger Hollings

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