– Compare Just Anything You Fancy

SocialCompare.comComparing absolutely everything is the order of the day as far as this new service goes, and its name gives you a clear indication of the way such a thing is achieved: through the social web.

Here you can set down as many comparisons as you want, and let others have their say by embedding them on your site or blog.

Of course, the resulting comparisons can be spread all over the usual social suspects lie Facebook, Twitter and Delicious.

Technically, the comparisons that you can thus generate are matrix comparisons whose data is handled and reorganized easily in lines and columns. Existing comparisons can easily be imported and exported, and they can even be translated into from English into French and vice versa.

And a service like this one can be used for more than putting an end to curiosity. It can be used for professional collaborations, in order to determine what software to buy or which server to employ to host your files. It is all up to you and the context in which you interact, both socially and professionally. In Their Own Words

“Compare everything you want!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a tool that accommodates both serious and leisure uses, and which can be employed to gather (and arrange) specific information on the spot.

Some Questions About

What other social services are supported, or are going to be supported?