search cancel – Search The Web In Two Languages is a bilingual search engine that lets you look up one search term or phrase and get the results in two different languages. You may think why on earth would you need such a tool for your navigation, but the world wide web has more dark corners that may be not that easy to get at. For this Sobotong may give you a hand.

Still not really convinced? Just think that some of the topics you want to find information about are not really popular and will not be included in the results of the main search engines. Or the subject you want to read about is present more in other language sites and not so much in English, because it has much more to do with a particular culture.

For example, you want to know about the Spanish copla singer Miguel de Molina, about whom all of Spain is really proud. Well, then it seems more probable that you will find this kind of information in some Spanish website or at least one written in that language. But still, you would rather stick to a site written in English if you could. Well then, doing your search in both languages can be a real help to save you some time in your search.

site is really simple. Like in every other internet search engine, you get a box where you must write the search terms for what you want to find. But below it, two other boxes are included, each one of them with a drop down menu. In those you must enter the main language in which you want your results and the secondary language. Then, go back to the Search button to make the search and that’s pretty much it. In Their Own Words

Bilingual Search Engine

Why It Might Be A Killer

Would it make it a better search tool if they added a page with image results?


Author : Charly Zaks

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