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Snippee.comThis new service aims to let you have ready access to only the news that could matter to you, from those sites and social networks that you visit the most often. That is, using it you can have access to sort of snippets delivered to you as a news feed you can then analyze and discuss with others.


Analyzing anything is easy since you can tag the content you want, and trends can be determined in that way. Sharing content is also an effortless task since you can share snippets through the very same networks that are analyzed using the provided functionalities.

Such a tool is more or less useful according to you degree of social involvement, of course. Statistically speaking, I know no person who is into the Internet right now who is aloof to the social phenomenon, and most people are into more than one service and/or network. However, that does not mean they spend their livelong days there, and it is easy for activity to escalate. Bearing that in mind, it is always good to know you can have free tools like this one in order to focus on the content that matters to you, and leave the clutter aside. In Their Own Words

“Read, share and discuss the news you care about.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A tool like this one will enable you to access the social content that matters to you the most, and also to put it around effortlessly.

Some Questions About

Which networks are supported, and which ones are yet to be supported? Which ones will be supported first?


Author : Roger Hollings

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