KillerStartups – Sharing The Best Snippets Of Online Content is a neat little application that will let you share the best content you find when browsing the Web. We all have been in a position in which we find a particular image of remark worthwhile, and we want to share that with our friends only – we see no reason to share the whole page. Yet, the way everything turns out we often end up sharing it for the simple reason that it is faster for us. Well, aims to make sharing specific content as easy as natural as sharing an entire webpage.

What will allow you to do is to capture specific quotes and phrases by highlighting them, and have the same shared on the spot with friends and other users.

As an application, can become operational by dragging and dropping the provided button into your bookmars bar, and a Chrome extension is also featured for you to gain even more time. And webmasters and bloggers will be able to use the featured plug-in to let their visitors create and share snips without needing to open a separate window. In Their Own Words

Capture and share the best snips from any page.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to share the best quotes and remarks you find online, if only because the whole system is so direct. Using, highlighting anything and having it shared is almost the same.

Some Questions About

Will you ever be able to share things other than texts through

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