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SnappSchool.comBeing a modern parent is tough, what with you having less and less time each day to spend with your children because of your work, and most communications being handled using devices like mobile phones. True human contact is becoming lost along the way. And it shouldn’t be like that. Technology should drive parents and their children together, not farther apart. Well, services like SnappSchool might make that happen, and let you and your children be there for each other with the help of technology.

In essence, SnappSchool is an email service that keeps you updated on your kids’ schoolwork. SnappSchool lets you know about what your children are learning, so that you don’t even need to ask them. It’s as if you had a chance to speak to their teachers directly every day, and ask them about these skills your children are picking up. And in addition to providing you with this information, the site comes with lots of teaching tips and tricks that you can put to good use when you finally have the time to sit down with your children, and study together.

This service costs $10.99 for the whole school year, and a free three-month trial is available. And if you sign up for SnappSchool right now, then you’ll get the service for a discounted pricing of $7.99. In Their Own Words

SnappSchool is a weekly email that gives parents the information, tools, and know-how to help their kids with their schoolwork.

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