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SnapMon.comIf you are a webmaster, being informed at all times about the status of your website is the only thing that counts. The rest of the World Wide Web can vanish in thin air as far as you are concerned.


All that matters is that your site is the one thing that remains visible and accessible. And a solution like SnapMon will let you ensure that is the case.

Broadly speaking, this is one of these services that can be programmed to monitor your site and send you an alert whenever it is down. As it is only natural for such a system to work efficiently, alerts can be sent out in a plethora of ways. SMS is included, and that definitely makes sense. After all, what good is being informed by e-mail? I mean, if you are in a position in which you can check your e-mail then you are in a position in which you can check your site manually as well.

Further notification methods include AIM and Google Chat, and a Rails plugin will let the ones who are fluent when it comes to programming implement the system quickly enough. In Their Own Words

“Easy site monitoring/down alerts.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes monitoring a site and being informed about the way it is operating something very simple indeed.

Some Questions About

Which plan is the best one for a power user?


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