– A Smoother Way To Run Your Company

SkylightIt.comThe Skylight website offers a series of tools that are bound to be of great help to any businessman who wishes to have an ever firmer grasp on the way his company is run. Taken as a whole, Skylight can be used for tasks ranging from project and resource management to ensuring a better degree of communication between the different members of a team and the recruitment of new talent.

These are all essential activities for companies of every size, and when handled through a service like this one they become something more natural and spontaneous. You are enabled to apply tags, annotate files and employ filters on all your pages for easier reference.

Future updates will include some advanced accounting and invoicing tools as well as the ability to generate custom reports. These are to materialize in about three months. Still, the site does the job it sets out to do quite satisfactorily (some might even say excellently), and if you are looking into a way to exert a bigger degree of control over any business of yours it comes recommended. No doubt about that. In Their Own Words

“Web-based tools to simplify your business life.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes running a company something easier both on the owner and his employers. The owner gives clearer orders, and those who follow his commands always know what is expected of them.

Some Questions About

When is the next major update scheduled for?