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SkedFlex.comPresented by eTripTrader, SkedFlex is a powerful application that lets workers exchange shifts among themselves. This service is based on the premise that employees will work more happily (and be far more productive) if they are given the chance to exert more control over their schedules, and be able to have their personal/professional lives integrated in a way that feels entirely organic.


As a service, SkedFlex can be used by people who are employed in any kind of industry whatsoever. Factory workers, bus drivers, clerks of every nature… it is all the same. They will be able to swap shifts by signing up for an account, and specifying when it is that they need to work on for other to approach them. (They can also be the ones approaching others, of course. It works in both ways.)

And this review would be incomplete without mentioning CrewCompanion, an application that does what this does one does, only that its usage is restricted to airline pilots and flight attendants. In Their Own Words

SkedFlex is a fully automated and customizable shift trading technology, for schedule management of any large employee base.

Why It Might Be A Killer

By letting people exert this kind of control over their work schedules, they are sure to face each shift with a much better overall resolution.

Some Questions About

Which products are forthcoming from the company? When?


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